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Year End Madness!

A few months ago when I had all these great plans for the year end. Take leave, book a short holiday for my son and I, buy a bicycle for myself so that I can keep up with my superfast cyclist, pop in to the factory shop to fit and buy a wetsuit, order new spectacles, etc.

Fast forward to the now and all these great plans have been erased, or should I say “recycled”!

Reality check! It is year-freaking-end and I need to prepare for #mainstream2015…

  • Book an end of year assessments for my son (uhm trying to find a suitable educational psychologist who is available at such short notice is a blog post on its own!)
  • Schedule meetings with teacher, OT, speech and psychologist
  • Arrange with team Kai for recent reports and assessments
  • Make sure that I do all this before the end of the school term, with two weeks to go!
  • Then reschedule ENT appointment for 2nd week of the new school term
  • Schedule audiology appointment before ENT appointment (holding thumbs that our audiologist is back from leave before our ENT appointment – thankfully she is!)
  • Schedule assessment feedback consultation with psychologist
  • Once all assessment results are received, update Kai’s special needs guide for mainstream 2015
  • Discuss information with new teacher and prepare updated information to send out to team Kai

[In between all this madness, update all friends that my birthday party venue closed down; YES it CLOSED DOWN and confirm the new venue AND make sure that everyone knows loadshedding (no electricity) will take place on the night from 20:00 to 22:30!!]

Now coordinate attendance of the school concerts. Chat to my mom about attending the Friday morning concert. Make a point of letting people know that I am not available between 17:30 and 20:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – HAVE to attend all school concerts that my son participates in.

Calling numerous bicycle retailers to find “the right bike” – the one thing that I’m not compromising on. This piece of sporting equipment will keep me sane for another 3 years until it is time to upgrade.

Parenthood! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will NOT be getting a bike or a wetsuit for myself nor will we be going on a short holiday this festive season. Instead I’m processing extra EFT’s for assessments, reports, medical bills and stationary while counting each penny to my next payday!

This Festive Season I will be working (many of these days will be bring a child to work day), plan for Decibels of Love 2015 and schedule more appointments!

My mini-freak-out list! But thankfully, we have the most AWESOME support team in the whole universe – Team Kai absolutely rock our socks off!


One comment on “Year End Madness!

  1. chevslife
    December 8, 2014

    So my son and I reached a compromise since he expects me to participate in all Micro-Nippers beach activities. I now have a wetsuit, much to both of our delight, and he will get his bicycle once the supplier receives his stock in the next few months! We already had an epic day in the water yesterday 😀


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