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SONA 2015 – EISH!

I switched on and watched in anticipation to see if #SONA2015 would have subtitles. Giving access to the deaf and hard of hearing.Our ignorant government, for some idiotic reason, believe that all people with a hearing loss understand South African Sign Language!

The ignorance is but a glimpse of the dismal state of our government!

“Pay back the money”, “Bring back the signal” – our country has turned in to a freaking circus!

Our State of the Nation Address was a freaking joke! Our government had me in stitches for a hour! The EFF was escorted out of parliament by security forces whom the Speaker and Chairperson of Provinces (I think) are yet to identify!

The DA walked out, after which the President then continued with his address, starting off with a roaring laugh!!! Yes, Sir – your parliament your leadership is a joke!

I cannot fathom how it is possible that someone, who even fails to correctly identify the current Miss World, is fit to lead this nation. One of his guest of honor “Miss World, Ronelle Strauss” – wtf! Do your homework sir, it is a gross embarrassment to have you refer to the woman who has made us all proud as Ronelle!

What a load of hogwash! Compatriots se voet meneer, ek is nou net gatvol van al die stront!

You can’t even commit to subtitles!!

Then you refer to clamping down on copper theft! What about the millions spent on Nkandla – daylight robbery of the hardworking taxpayers of this country!

I am now officially sick to my stomach, picture the emoticon with the green puke on Skype chat!

I don’t follow politics, but I follow gross negligence and your complete dereliction of duties!

“Cash or ewallet?” #SONA2015 #circus #xenophobia “foreign nationals will not be allowed to own land in this country”

“Let’s conserve water” – empty your freaking Nkandla Pool!

I’m switching off! I need a #shower…to wash away the disgust!


4 comments on “SONA 2015 – EISH!

  1. Completely agree! Not only does he start with roaring laughter, but to a standing ovation?! My favourite comment of the evening was definitely the “Are you going to pay back the money via EFT, cash, or eWallet”! And yes, that was the Chairperson of Provinces, (aka the lady who neglected her pig farm and her workers that the pigs turned on each other. Worst case of neglect the NSPCA has ever seen). Complete farce.

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  2. mommajo2013
    February 13, 2015

    I couldn’t agree more. We made to about 10 minutes after he announced that land appropriation will take effect with NO COMPENSATION. Seriously??? Lets not even get started on all the other nonsense he spewed during his, so called, State of the Nation address while he was stifling a giggle all the time. He makes me sick!

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  3. Sula
    February 13, 2015

    My sentiments exactly

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  4. chevslife
    February 17, 2015

    And now we follow the debate, hold our breath and see what happens…Thought the Cape Times’ cover was a fake when I saw the paper in a coffee shop this morning, turns out it was the real deal


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