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Access to Language CAN CHANGE LIVES

My friend just shared a video on my Facebook timeline, I clicked and listened and my heart broke into shards of pain, tears started streaming down my face. I had to close the blinds to my office door. SNOT en TRANE!

We live in such a “small” world, yet many people living in African countries live an invisible life! This video reminds me of a friend, Charles Nyakurwa who founded Deaf Hands @ Work. Peter, Charles’ brother is Deaf, he grew up in Zimbabwe where he also had no access to any support. Charles is one of a handful of individuals and organisations creating opportunity for Deaf adults to acquire skills and find employment.

Back to this video, whilst we may not have such severe challenges in South Africa, apart from the fact that South African Sign Language is still NOT an official language, there are still families who keep their children hidden. A lack of understanding, lack of resources and support AND the myths that are embedded within some cultures…

There is always hope…


One comment on “Access to Language CAN CHANGE LIVES

  1. Jozi
    February 22, 2015

    So moving! Thanks for sharing.


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