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The Sound of Beauty Amidst a Raging Fire

In the aftermath of an early morning evacuation in Noordhoek, Shirene Briell shares this personal account of how she found her very dear friend, Ann, on the Noordhoek Common this morning. This is why I LOVE living in the Deep South!

“When you waken up in the early hours of the morning because there’s a fire evacuation in Noordhoek and the fire is raging above your house, you take your most beloved possessions. Your dog, Saffron and your piano’s, with a few boxes of small items.


Ann Middleton is one of the most amazing people in this world. Her Love for music and teaching children is her life and absolute Joy. Anni teaches children as young as 3yrs old to compose music from their heart and soul, before they are even taught how to read music.


Such a moving moment when I found her on10981697_931696776863432_7697619300196069597_n the Noordhoek common this morning in true Anni style. Her youngest son had borrowed her car to take his girlfriend away, so she managed to do this against all odds, and I mean All odds! Anni has been very ill over the last 2 months and recovering slowly, so she is not even her normal physically strong self.


Shan her eldest son and Nicole his girlfriend heard about the fire in Noordhoek raging low over Chappies. They raced in from the City Bowl to to help his mom evacuate. They were by her side offering her a real pillar of strength and strong physical help.


Through all the chaos in the dark, Saffron her beloved dog went missing as well but they found each other and are happily reunited.

And there was Anni sitting playing her piano, barren gravel car park, waiting for a bakkie to help her move her piano’s to a safe place, watch link below to her beautiful music.”


2 comments on “The Sound of Beauty Amidst a Raging Fire

  1. Carladeklerk
    March 4, 2015

    Thanks for sharing, beautiful story 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chevslife
    March 8, 2015

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s been a very trying week in the South…Today we mourn the passing of one of the Working on Fire Pilot’s who tragically passed away after his helicopter crashed in Cape Point. No words will ever be enough to express the sincere gratitude that we feel…


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