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Presenter Search Audition

Watching the Top Billing Presenter Search on SABC 3 this evening and all I could think was, “yes, this is soooooo Cape Town…”  I just love this City. The people are truly unique, funny and definitely has no problem showing just how unique this Mother of all City’s are!

Then some guy starts flaunting his muscles, the one who played that small funny guitar…Kai really liked his audition! The next thing, Kai jumps off the bed, starts flexing his muscles, singing and dancing “Yeah, I’m also the next Top Billing Presenter! Look mom, look, look at me mom, look!”

He is just too precious this child of mine, he constantly surprise me when I least expect it. He asked me to film his audition and send it to Katlego Maboe, his favourite Expresso Show Presenter!

So my dear blog readers, here it is: Kai Petersen, my 7 year old, auditioning for the Next Top Billing Presenter…#gottalovehim



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