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The erasers don’t last, the pencil ends are chewed into pieces and his FM telecoil is full of bite marks! And when we need the eraser it makes more of a mess than anything else because it’s soaked in saliva from being chewed!

Then dear missy Google, referred me to chewelry (chewable jewelry) for sensory kiddos! The find of the year for me! Finally something that my son can chew on without me worrying about led poisoning or pieces of eraser getting stuck in his throat and the annoyance of having to go to the shop for a new eraser every week!

The local mom’s group had no referrals for me as to where I could purchase this great find and I was left with only international sites for online orders an shipping.

Then I thought, what are the chances of brilliant Romy Kruger Occupational Therapy having access to something like this, or at least, knowing where I could order chewelry in South Africa?

Having no expectation, I posted on her Facebook Page and a few minutes later was absolutely thrilled when
she replied “I sell various types. I can post some pictures with prices tomorrow for you”. The next day she posted a range of goodies. Including the thee fidgety fun set, a special pre-packed kit for your child to keep at school under the teacher’s supervision  and the the spiral chewelry necklace that I ordered for him.

This morning at 7am, when we steppedIMG-20150320-01091 into our Speech Therapist’s room, his eyes went wide and his smile beamed with excitement when he saw the sensory kit and necklace on the table! He immediately put the chewelry necklace on. He played with it between his teeth, tasted it, fidgeted with it and absolutely loved it! We kept having to remind him to take it out of his mouth when he talked!

At school his friends  asked him about it and he said it’s chewelry. They didn’t quite get it so he explained “it is jewelry that you can chew. Chewelry.”


2 comments on “Chewelry

  1. Olivia
    March 21, 2015

    Yay! Thanks for this. I have one of these kids. He chews his sleeves and shirt necklines and the drawstrings on his shorts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. caffeineandfairydust
    March 22, 2015

    I need one of those!


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