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Being Mother

…a love so fierce
thinking about it makes me want to shed tears
for being mother I am filled with many fears
…this love so fierce

Being Mother

… not defined by the birth I gave
nor the many books I read
…it is the countless nights I crept
into your bed and watched you as you slept

Being Mother

…the anxiety I hold
as my littlest person starts to unfold
a character yet untold as I watch you be bold
and pull a face at me as I begin to scold

Being Mother

…a feather light touch of infinity
a love so innate
a mystical bond
child and I…

Being Mother

…transcends all norms
and idealistic forms

Being Mother

Is…what it is…
Love… Hope… Fear…Anxiety…

Being Mother

…selflessness and courage

Being Mother

Is…what it is…
The best me
that I  can be…


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