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It kept popping up on  my Facebook feeds. Missing. Scrolling pass, I liked and commented, I shared and clicked away, from the one post to the next.

My mind consumed by the lives of others. A few hours here and there, catching up on cute pics; weddings, births, ladies nights and family get-aways. I clicked “I don’t want to see this”, each time a horrific image of starving children and war deaths blinded my sight.

Group notifications drew me in, while I continued to scroll pass the Missing post that kept popping up on my news feeds.

No matter the time or place, I kept abreast of the world around me through my online communities. My virtual relationships bloomed while I could barely converse two lines to the girl sitting in the office cubicle next to me. Yes, my vivacious personality was adored by many. Online!

My virtual kingdom! Thousands of friends, administrator of many groups and manager or interesting pages. My Blog, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn following continued to grow by the hour. The stats became my God! All devices charged, my virtual world a hive of activity, 24/7.

Yet, I still kept scrolling pass the Missing feed…until my youngest tucked at my waist as I sat behind my mobile screen, engrossed in two group discussions, while editing photos for my Instagram.

“Mama, waar is jy? Ek sien jou elke dag, maar jy’s nooit hier…”


“Missing”, is this week’s title of a tandem blog, 3 bloggers 1 title. All published on the same day at the same time. Read my fellow tandem blogger’s interpretation by following the below links. Comments are welcome!

Celeste: Surviving Jonkersville

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4 comments on “Missing

  1. survivingjonkersville
    July 23, 2015

    This is so true and I’ve been guilty of this too on occasion. Lesson learnt the hard way though but the balance has been restored and this mamma is ever present these days unless it’s work related of course.


    • ChevsLife
      August 2, 2015

      Glad to hear that the balance has been restored Celeste. Not easy, but doable 🙂


  2. I get caught in this often and have to remind myself every now and again!


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