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My Orbituary

I watched …
Sparks of wisdom shone through
As a lone tear streaked a soft cheek
He gently held the wrinkled hand
That once created joyful memories where he now stand

I watched…
The lines of hardship melt away
A soft smile embraced in kindness
There I lay, aged and frail
His feather light touch, a whisper in my ear

I watched…
Fading with each shallow breath
Cold to the touch, an ear resting on my chest
No sound or rhythm; my life has left

I watched…
His tears soak through my night gown
The warmth of his trembling hand
Carefully closed my glazed eyes
Memories a flutter as he sobbed at my side

I watched…
Slowly, I stepped nearer…
I embraced him with eternal love,
And memories of childhood wonder
As I etched my eternal resting place;
In his heart…to infinity & beyond…

A few days later, I watched his tear drops fall as he read the local paper in his trembling hands.

“She caught her last wave as dusk set in. The ocean will be her resting place as we prepare to scatter her ashes when the sunrise gives way to marshmallow skies tomorrow at 07:07.

A life well lived; we celebrate her joys, triumphs and challenges. With grace, we reflect on her generous spirit and stubborn nature.

We are so proud of her life’s achievement; the profound impact she’s had on those around her. We are filled with inspiration, as we reflect on her tenacious advocacy work to a family centred approach to paediatric hearing loss diagnoses; and holding government to account for services, intervention and accommodations. We are humbled, and encouraged, to continue with her work.

Today, we are a family touched by grief, yet overcome by joy for this beautiful life we commemorate. Her presence is all around. Her spirit lives on in the many lives she’s touched.

A mother. A daughter. A sister. An aunt. A friend. Forever in our hearts; to infinity and beyond.”

I can only pray and hope that my message will bring you great comfort during your time of grief. My spirit has been set free to walk alongside you, always…



“My Orbituary”, is this week’s title of a tandem blog, 3 bloggers 1 title. All published on the same day at the same time. Read my fellow tandem blogger’s interpretation by following the below links. Comments are welcome!

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9 comments on “My Orbituary

  1. the_deal_is
    August 6, 2015

    Beautiful Chevone!!! Absolutely beautiful!


    • ChevsLife
      August 6, 2015

      Thanks Shelley. I read the first part to my son and he said it was nice, but I doubt he really understood it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • the_deal_is
        August 6, 2015

        One day, when he’s older, he will really appreciate your words.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. chantel
    August 6, 2015

    So beautifully written friend! Amazing and touching xoxo


  3. Sula
    August 6, 2015

    Wow, very powerful


  4. Marion
    August 7, 2015


    Liked by 1 person

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