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Accommodations | The Difference Between Mainstream & Special Needs

Yesterday we had a bit of a profound mom-son moment when Kai started telling me that he wants to go back to his old school, Carel du Toit (CdT). I was dumbfounded at this and it caught me completely off guard. Something must really be wrong if he was prepared to leave home at 5:30 am everyday . . . read about our early trek to school in 2013 at this link.

After we spoke for a long time, I asked him if he would share his experience on video so that others can understand what a challenge it is for him at school to listen and process with all the noise, interruptions and other “small” things.

Now we are strategising on how to make next year a more pleasant experience for him since it is quite clear having classroom windows that open up into a play area is a definite no-no, especially during summer when it is hot and windows are left wide open . . . Also CdT only goes up to Gr. 3.

My son is quite the little activist and asked me share this 6 minute video of him everywhere! So here goes. I am so very sorry that I don’t have captioning or sub-titles for this video, but if anyone is able caption this for me please let me know?




2 comments on “Accommodations | The Difference Between Mainstream & Special Needs

  1. the_deal_is
    December 10, 2015

    He’s an amazing, articulate little man, Chevone. Integration and change can be so difficult for some. There are those who do not know how to express themselves. I’m glad Kai chooses his words well so one gets his meaning. He helps us understand what life is like for him. He surely is a great activist at so young an age.


    • ChevsLife
      December 11, 2015

      Thanks Shelley. This really caught me off guard 😦


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