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Moving Is Easy. Right?

I honestly thought that moving house would take a max of two hours! Well, I’ve had a rude awakening!

Procrastinating resulted in me only securing movers on Friday, a day before we had to move! Also happens to be the day I realised that I’ve not done much in the packing department!

So, as you can imagine, my Friday was spent bagging and tagging late into the night. We even managed to rescue a tiny cockatiel!

Our movers arrived at 8:30am and it took them four hours to move us two blocks. I felt so sorry for these guys. They must have climbed 2000 steps while carrying furniture, boxes and bags from one first floor apartment to another first floor apartment!

The movers were friendly and very efficient and well-priced! I really don’t know what we would have done if it weren’t for these guys, especially since my mom’s transport planning didn’t quite work out.

By 1pm we were done moving, and the dreaded unpacking had to start. It’s Thursday and I’m still unpacking and disposing of all the unnecessary crap.

Our new place is lovely! It’s very different to where we lived before, a very busy main road. We have lots of outdoor space where Kai can ride his bike while I chill on the balcony with my book and a drink. They layout of the flat is more like a house. Getting from my bed to the kitchen for my midnight fridge raids now takes 31 steps as oppose to 7 steps in the old flat!

I’m loving our new space and our landlord is great! He already came out on Monday to help with a dripping tap and he takes great pride in maintaining the property, something that seriously lacked at our previous place.

Eight years ago we moved because we had to move. Our family circumstances were very different, read The Ugly Face of Drug Addiction.

This time our move was for us! Life is great when you focus on solutions and surrounding yourself with positive people without getting caught up in all the negativity that life tends to dish out on the odd occasion.


The state of my bedroom. Me trying to catch up on all my filing and packing the night before our move!


Cockatiel stuck on the roof.


We manage to rescue it with a fishing net 🙂


2 comments on “Moving Is Easy. Right?

  1. The Blessed Barrenness
    February 4, 2016

    Moving is easy? What on earth gave you that idea? I hate moving! Hate it. I hate the packing and organizing and sorting and I hate the unpacking and the sore feet, tired back and just … all the work! It’s my worst! Every time I move I swear I’m never moving again!


    • ChevsLife
      February 4, 2016

      I only now realise what an absolute nightmare it is! Gosh all I remember about our last move was that everything was in the truck, the rest is such a blur.


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